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Is the glass(house) half empty yet?

I have always taken the conservative route along the road of “naming and shaming” embarrassingly inept PR e-mail pitches based on the glasshouse theory.

The reality is that we ALL have bad days at the office.  In truth I fear that the one time I do name and shame it’ll come back to bite me – call it the coward’s dilemma.

However, it appears to me that the volume of these PR e-mails seems to be increasing.

My favourite piece of PR Spam today is so wrong on a number of levels. 

Firstly, what value does this blog have for any client interested in reaching a broad audience? None.

So the agency is wasting their client’s “time” – although you could argue spamming thousands of blogs doesn’t take a lot of time at all – and maybe by spamming they believe they are saving time.

Secondly spamming me about a service for a “phone” that I have never blogged about (a cursory look at my bio would underline why it’s highly unlikely I ever would blog about that particular phone – send your guesses to someone else’s e-mail address) is pretty dumb.

Finally spamming me about a service that’ll help me “date on the go” doesn’t really fit with:

  1. the irregular musings on this blog
  2. my marital status

There was a time I used to gently reply to these twits and try and help them see the error of their ways.  Now I don’t bother.

Hopefully some of them will come to their senses. If this is the “value” we’re offering our clients, we’re in trouble.


Just as I hit publish I got a really interesting pitch on a medical records company. Sigh.

Written by Tom Murphy

February 2, 2009 at 10:04 pm

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