Social media and PR?

Browsing through many neglected RSS feeds today, there wasn’t a lot that tickled my fancy (so to speak).

Once again, I did see a couple of posts that probably should have been held in a “drafts” folder overnight – and then deleted. 

I don’t wish to pour salt on the wounds, but there are a couple of PR bloggers who would be well advised to take a deep breath before hitting publish.  I mean it’s never nice to lose a client, but writing a post on why the client was wrong (thankfully without naming names) is at best ill-advised – no matter how much better you feel about it – and writing posts in that vein every time you lose a client, can start to look as though your business is dissolving in real-time. Perception is, after all, often reality.

Enough said.

Over time you see the PR blog community converging on a small number of similar themes. 

It will be no surprise that Twitter continues to be the subject of much attention, for example:

  • Drew offers 10 ways Twitter can be useful to a PR practitioner
  • Dave Fleet offers a list of 40 PR-related people to follow on Twitter.
  • Andrew Smith ponders the challenge of so little time, so many Tweets.

Elsewhere the subject of “social media” is attracting some commentary from the UK fraternity.

The Chartered Institute of PR has released “Social Media Guidelines” (hat tip to Richard Bailey). (Disclaimer: In true blogging fashion I haven’t actually read the guidelines (though it has been added to an ever-growing “to-read” list), but I know some men who have.)

Stuart thinks they’re half-baked, while Simon points out that there’s some legal poetic license in there.

The cynics might say that about sums up Social Media. LOL.  Not me obviously gentle reader, no, not me.