Updated April 2023:

Seattle, Washington, United States

I started this blog back in March 2002.  The original purpose was to capture links and content about PR and marketing from around the web, which at the time were difficult to find. Thankfully times have changed, but unfortunately these days – and 2,400 posts later – I’m not as prolific a blogger as I used to be.

About me

I am originally from Dublin, Ireland but have lived and worked in Washington state in the United States since March 2009. In  2022 I joined Veeam Software from RingCentral to lead our fantastic Corporate Communications team encompassing Public Relations, Analyst Relations, Internal Communications, Customer Marketing and Social Media.

Career wise, I’ve had the great fortune to work in a range of great in-house and agency roles working with many of the world’s greatest technology brands such as Corel, Gateway, Intel, Microsoft and RingCentral, as well as a range of successful – and of course unsuccessful – independent start-ups.

I’ve had fantastic opportunities to work around Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia, North America and Latin America – and along the way worked on every element of PR and marketing communications from strategy to message development, media relations programs, crisis communications, company spokesperson, agency management, corporate social responsibility (CSR), product communications, internal communications, analyst relations, investor relations, stakeholder engagement, and social media.

Thankfully, the one constant through my career has been the opportunity to continuously learn, try new things and drive positive change.

On a personal note, I’m married to the long-suffering Sorcha and we have the world’s best son, Cillian and the world’s best daughter, Anna.

If you want to get in contact:

E-mail: tpemurphy -AT- hotmail.com

Mobile: +1-425-614-614-6

Twitter: @tpemurphy

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tpemurphy

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