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Dead Poll: usual muppets shorten odds on PR (again)

I feel a rant bubbling under the surface, but I don’t currently have time or energy to give it the wrath it deserves, so I’ll desist for the moment.

If you read PR blogs, you’ll know that there’s another (yes another) little firestorm brewing on the subject of "the death of Public Relations" – well I say public relations but given many of the "knowledgeable" muppets writing these death posts don’t really have a grasp of what "Public Relations" is, what we’re really talking about is media relations.

While I go and implement my proven deep breathing heart attack avoidance exercises, I’m providing a list of some of the content (both pro- and anti- ).


Bonus links (not death related)

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August 14, 2008 at 8:53 pm

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4 models of PR, bad PR, CEO blogs, future PR skills, PR history and Twitter…

You know sometimes you sit back and wonder at what is exactly going through someone’s mind before they hit the send button.  It’s another reason why it’s so hard to defend our profession.  Click over to Kevin Dugan for more.


Andrew Bruce Smith piles on the pain with a report from Matthew Gwyther, Editor at UK magazine Management Today:

And they’re not all spam offering me four gross of Cialis for $129.99, or a chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity to help some West African whose father has sadly passed away and who needs help getting his secret stash out of the country. No – they’re mostly no-hope press releases from desperate PRs.



Do you know the four models of Public Relations? Jump over the Bill Sledzik and find out.



Shel Holtz argues that whilst there may be good reasons for CEOs not to blog, time isn’t one of them. [Bonus link: great video on internal communications – or the lack of it!]



John Bell has written a thougful piece on "Future PR Skills".

Time would be better spent sharpening our skills on designing and running integrated marcom programs that include all disciplines. Is PR really ready for this leadership role?



Kami Huyse has a link to Dr. Karen Russell’s presentation on looking at the history of PR (and specifically Ivy Lee’s declaration of principles).



Filed under interesting.  Neville Hobson reports that Dell used Twitter to field media questions at a global launch today.

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August 12, 2008 at 8:52 pm

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No talk of resignation following defeat at the polls…

imageWell with three hours polling left, it appears that, not unexpectedly, "Murphy’s Law" has been defeated in the first round of the PR Week blog poll.

BUT… a big thank you to the 200+ people who kindly took the time to vote, I can re-assure you, I am bloodied but unbowed 🙂

Best of luck to the rest of the competitors and of course to the Intake blog which kicked my butt!

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August 12, 2008 at 7:56 pm

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PR Week Blog Competition…


To celebrate its tenth anniversary PR Week is hosting a competition to find the most popular PR blog.

Keith O’Brien and the team at PR Week have selected 32 blogs.

[Actually they selected 16 and then asked those 16 bloggers to nominate 16 others, so given I wasn’t asked to select a blog, one of the final sixteen was kind enough to nominate this blog – probably in a sly move to ensure weaker competition 🙂 ]

Given the calibre of the short list, I’m not sure that this blog can survive in such esteemed company, but following the inspiration of Professor David Weinbaum: "while it’s important to win, it’s imperative to compete" :-)   

If you feel like upsetting the odds do wander over here to vote. 

Voting opens on Sunday, August 10th, 2008 at 9pm and closes on Tuesday, August 12th at midnight.

I’m tempted to echo the sentiments of the Chicago politician who exorted their followers to "vote early and often" – but that’s (ahem) below me….

From a purely professional point of view, even if you don’t feel like voting, do visit the short-listed blogs, all of which are great sources of information, thoughts and opinions on the practice of Public Relations:

  1. Andy Lark
  2. Bite Communications
  3. Brian Solis
  4. Cone
  5. Daniel Lally
  6. Drew Kerr
  7. Ed Moed
  8. Frank X. Shaw
  9. Insidedge
  10. Jeremy Pepper
  11. John Bell
  12. Kami Huyse
  13. Katie Paine
  14. Kevin Dugan & Richard Laermer
  15. Livingston Communications
  16. Lois Paul & Partners
  17. Mark Rose
  18. My Creative Team
  19. Neville Hobson
  20. Peter Himler
  21. Phil Gomes
  22. Renee Blodgett
  23. Richard Edelman
  24. Rodger Johnson
  25. Rohit Bhargava
  26. Sage Circle
  27. Shel Holtz
  28. Steve Rubel
  29. Tim Dyson
  30. Todd Defren
  31. Tom Murphy
  32. Voce Communications


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August 10, 2008 at 8:41 pm

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Good PR, creative ideas, social spending, disclosure and the future of blogging (or please say it ain't so..)

I am wading through oodles of RSS feeds and e-mails, here are some things that caught my eye..


Filed under: "Rare as hen’s teeth": It is often impossible to find nice things written about our profession online.  Well ladies and gentlemen, we have one!  Shel Holtz has a great example of good work from a PR person, in this case Jim Babb at Circuit City.

The story took a turn for the great, though, when Jim Babb, who works in Circuit City’s corporate communications department in Richmond, Virginia, sent a note to Consumerist. The note is a lesson in how to handle what could have turned into a significant annoyance for Circuit City (the story got 1,935 Diggs, for example, and was covered in an AP story) featuring charges of censorship and allusions to the First Amendment.


[Aside: Shel has also  published a comprehensive list of social media resources. Worth a look.]



Via the bitemarks blog: A report from Jupiter Research has found that less than 5% of of advertisers’ online budgets are going into "social marketing" in 2008.  Some growth potential there I imagine.



Eoin Kennedy from Slattery Communications (and one of our PR firms in Ireland) has blogged about a new Facebook application they’ve created.  Get Creative provides a respository of creative ideas for marketing or PR programmes.

It is currently in beta testing on Facebook but the philosophy behind it is that you can search for ideas, add your own and comment on other peoples contributions to give them further life. Launched internally we have found that it helps people to start thinking more creatively and watching what trends, ideas and initiatives are happening all around them. It was born out of frustration of thinking up great ideas which disappeared into the far recesses of your mind before you could full capture them. It will be an interesting test of collaboration amongst the public relations, marketing and advertising sectors.



So the SEC has provided updated disclosure guidance. Neville Hobson has a good, detailed post on the subject.



ReadWriteWeb has a post on the "future of blogging revealed".  The future or a nightmare? Who has the time? The idle rich? Save me.

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August 9, 2008 at 9:04 pm

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Back in Blog….

Well just back from holidays.

Work and no doubt a very full desk await on Monday morning.

I don’t know about elsewhere, but Dublin has been experiencing incredible rain today (when a person in Ireland calls a spell of rain out of the ordinary, you know it’s bad).


Leitrim, August 2008

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August 9, 2008 at 8:32 pm

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