4 models of PR, bad PR, CEO blogs, future PR skills, PR history and Twitter…

You know sometimes you sit back and wonder at what is exactly going through someone’s mind before they hit the send button.  It’s another reason why it’s so hard to defend our profession.  Click over to Kevin Dugan for more.


Andrew Bruce Smith piles on the pain with a report from Matthew Gwyther, Editor at UK magazine Management Today:

And they’re not all spam offering me four gross of Cialis for $129.99, or a chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity to help some West African whose father has sadly passed away and who needs help getting his secret stash out of the country. No – they’re mostly no-hope press releases from desperate PRs.



Do you know the four models of Public Relations? Jump over the Bill Sledzik and find out.



Shel Holtz argues that whilst there may be good reasons for CEOs not to blog, time isn’t one of them. [Bonus link: great video on internal communications – or the lack of it!]



John Bell has written a thougful piece on "Future PR Skills".

Time would be better spent sharpening our skills on designing and running integrated marcom programs that include all disciplines. Is PR really ready for this leadership role?



Kami Huyse has a link to Dr. Karen Russell’s presentation on looking at the history of PR (and specifically Ivy Lee’s declaration of principles).



Filed under interesting.  Neville Hobson reports that Dell used Twitter to field media questions at a global launch today.