PR Week Blog Competition…


To celebrate its tenth anniversary PR Week is hosting a competition to find the most popular PR blog.

Keith O’Brien and the team at PR Week have selected 32 blogs.

[Actually they selected 16 and then asked those 16 bloggers to nominate 16 others, so given I wasn’t asked to select a blog, one of the final sixteen was kind enough to nominate this blog – probably in a sly move to ensure weaker competition 🙂 ]

Given the calibre of the short list, I’m not sure that this blog can survive in such esteemed company, but following the inspiration of Professor David Weinbaum: "while it’s important to win, it’s imperative to compete" :-)   

If you feel like upsetting the odds do wander over here to vote. 

Voting opens on Sunday, August 10th, 2008 at 9pm and closes on Tuesday, August 12th at midnight.

I’m tempted to echo the sentiments of the Chicago politician who exorted their followers to "vote early and often" – but that’s (ahem) below me….

From a purely professional point of view, even if you don’t feel like voting, do visit the short-listed blogs, all of which are great sources of information, thoughts and opinions on the practice of Public Relations:

  1. Andy Lark
  2. Bite Communications
  3. Brian Solis
  4. Cone
  5. Daniel Lally
  6. Drew Kerr
  7. Ed Moed
  8. Frank X. Shaw
  9. Insidedge
  10. Jeremy Pepper
  11. John Bell
  12. Kami Huyse
  13. Katie Paine
  14. Kevin Dugan & Richard Laermer
  15. Livingston Communications
  16. Lois Paul & Partners
  17. Mark Rose
  18. My Creative Team
  19. Neville Hobson
  20. Peter Himler
  21. Phil Gomes
  22. Renee Blodgett
  23. Richard Edelman
  24. Rodger Johnson
  25. Rohit Bhargava
  26. Sage Circle
  27. Shel Holtz
  28. Steve Rubel
  29. Tim Dyson
  30. Todd Defren
  31. Tom Murphy
  32. Voce Communications