Why blogs expand the mind

You know, we live in crazy times.  We lurch from crisis to crisis, balancing meetings, launches, deadlines and work-life balance while often struggling and failing to keep a perspective on what is really important.

Blogs have their drawbacks, there’s loads of ill-informed opinion positioned as expertise.  There’s too much content and not enough time.

But at the same time you can get lucky and blunder into something fantastic that without blogs you probably would have missed.

If you haven’t already heard of Randy Pausch, you will in a minute and it’s worth the wait, believe me.

I found out about him while catching up on the writing of some of the people I met and saw at the Podcamp Ireland event in Kilkenny last weekend.

Reading Grannymar’s blog I stumbled onto Stephen Neill’s blog Paddy Anglican and that’s where Randy Pausch comes in.

Randy is a professor at Carnegie Mellon, and at the age of 46 has discovered he has terminal cancer.

He decided to give his last lecture in public, not just to close the book on his career but as something for his kids to have, to understand his values and what he stood for.

Watch the news report below and you can also find a link to the full lecture at the end of the post.

An incredible man and a fantastic opportunity for us all to stop and think about where we are, where we’re going and what’s important.

So while there’s loads of rubbish filling blogs all over the Interweb, don’t forget there’s some gold nuggests there for those with some time.

You can watch the full lecture here.