The changing face on online marketing…

McKinsey have released a survey on how companies are undertaking marketing online and how they see the market changing over the next three years. [Free registration Required]

I won’t regurgitate the entire survey here as the report makes interesting reading.  Spending in online marketing is (unsurprisingly) expected to increase.

In 2010 respondents expect a majority of their customers to discover new products or services online and a third to purchase goods there. A majority of the respondents also expect their companies to be getting 10 percent or more of their sales from online channels in 2010—twice as many companies as have hit that mark today. These expectations appear to be driving plans for future spending, at least in some areas.

By 2010 respondents believe that the top activities customers will be undertaking online are:

  1. Searching for information
  2. Becoming aware of new products
  3. Using services (support, after-sales etc)
  4. Comparing prices
  5. Buying products and services