Podcamp Ireland – Kilkenny

Well I was up nice and early for a Satuday for a drive down to the lovely city of  Kilkenny to attend PodCamp Ireland.  There’s been a number of new media events in Ireland over the past year or so.  It’s great to see the emergence of a growing number of people in Ireland with a passionate interest in this subject matter.

I’m have to admit I’m always a little uncertain with the whole “unconference” theme.  Being an old corporate fart I like my structure πŸ™‚ The event – even for an unconference – was well organized and of course as it goes on you become more comfortable with it.

I’m delighted to report that Neville was in attendance and it was good to catch up with a range of people including Bernie, Krisha De, Michele Neylon and Dean Whitbread – as well as my colleagues Clare and Martha who I hadn’t seen in over 14 hours…

PodCamp Ireland, Kilkenny City, September 29th 2007

While Ireland isn’t leading the way in bringing new media to the masses, there is clearly a lot of passionate people innovating, evangelizing and most importantly thinking about the potential of these tools to reach and communicate.

I couldn’t help thinking that there’s a lot of value for – in the absence of a better term – traditional marketers – to attend these events – in a delegate capacity.

There’s great discussion and everyone is open to sharing opinions and ideas – which in my book is incredibly valuable in helping to broaden the mind on the potential of new media. 

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it even if everyone hasn’t yet discovered the joy of Live Search. πŸ™‚