Social Networking ID Stress Disorder

Apologies for the radio blog silence.  Travel, work and parenting has been keeping me pre-occupied recently.

I think I am beginning to suffer from SONIDS, a very new condition I’ve just named.  I am wondering is it just me who has multiple orphaned social networking and application accounts?

At risk of ruining my already flagging web 2.0 credibility, I don’t visit most of these sites and I haven’t invested any time into building my “community”.

[There are exceptions such as my favourite PR social networking site which now has 47 members – ahem]

Some are better than others, I’ve quite a few links at LinkedIn, but at others like Facebook, MySpace etc. I am at the “socially inept/lack of personal hygiene” level of membership. This is fine I’m OK with it.  Until that is I get an e-mail telling me someone has connected with me.

That’s when SONIDS sets in.

Should I try and do a better job at Social Networking?

Should I be building a “community”?

Do I have to use a username or my e-mail?

What’s the password?

Eh… nope that’s not it.


Maybe the password is in the confirmation e-mail.


Nope… I had to change it… damn.


The stress of it all…. no matter what they say everything carries a price 🙂