Common, I mean popular names…

I’m in Seattle this week and now I’ve remembered why I’ve been avoiding using Heathrow as my US connection.

You see I’ve written before about the pitfalls of parents not spending a little more time choosing kids’ names. 

One of my thousands of namesakes is, how do I put this nicely, not very popular with the UK government.  As a result whenever I am booked on a US flight out of London there’s a red flag on my ticket.  Normally this is dealt with at check-in, when it becomes apparent I am a different Tom Murphy to the one they don’t like. It takes about 15 minutes, a couple of phone calls and then I’m on my way.

I had forgotten this rigmarole this morning as I landed in Heathrow (after a delay), ran back through security – “sir you’ll have to put that plastic bag inside your briefcase you’re only allowed one bag through security” – huh? – ran to the connections desk, got a boarding pass, ran to the bus, on to Terminal 4, just in time for boarding and then as I hand my boarding card in I am asked to sit quietly to the side. After a couple of phone calls I get the all clear and they apologize and tell me that they have to check as there are multiples of the same name on the flight. Now I know this is hogwash, but that’s OK, no big deal.

Also I should point out that all the BA staff were incredibly pleasant. I just wish my parents had called my Ziggy.

There’s nothing like ten hours on a plane in the middle of the middle section.  Mmmm cosy…