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IIA Event – Dublin

We had a great evening last night in the Shelbourne Hotel at the event: “Blogging: New Media, Business and the Law” hosted by the Irish Internet Association and Fleishman-Hillard.

The room was packed (with everyone aware of blogging and an incredibly high level of awareness of Second Life…).

Along with myself, Sarah Carey was her inimitable self, Richard Delevan from the Sunday Tribune gave an incredibly interesting talk on the new generation online, while TJ McIntyre managed to frighten the pants off any listening bloggers with the potential legal issues of rabbiting online.

It was very enjoyable and even through we ran very late we had a full house to the end, which is probably the best measure!

The IIA will be publishing a podcast of the event online in the coming days.


  • Sorry I should have mentioned that Ciaran Buckley did a great job as compare!

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March 22, 2007 at 6:51 pm

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Twitter is changing the world? C'mon now…

I added Twitter to this blog about eight weeks ago.

I thought it was a useful little applet to provide visitors to this site with an idea of whether I was around, on vacation, travelling etc.  That’s about it.

Now it seems it’s the hottest thing on the Interweb.

For the love of jebus.

This behavior of making everything that appears online as “the new new thing” just isn’t terribly helpful in my opinion. 

How long will the passion and commitment last?

Surely if you really want to know is someone online you can use IM or E-mail or perish the thought – how very analog of me – use a phone.

I think Twitter is interesting, useful even, but it’s NOT the answer to the world’s ills.  I see there’s even a new search engine that’s been released for it.

One question.


Maybe (and not for the first time) I’m missing something. Enlighten me.


Kevin… Thank you, I am not alone…

Postscript 1:

OK I’ll admit that Twittervision is a cool little application but will you sit and watch it twice?

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March 21, 2007 at 10:46 am

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Euroblog findings, connectivity 2.0, blogging…

Euroblog 2007 Findings

Philip has published some results from this year’s Euroblog survey of over 400 professional communicators across 30 countries.

  • 85% of respondents believe that weblogs and social software are revolutionizing the way we communicate.
  • A lack of skilled employees is the largest factor limiting the use of blogs (69%) with 42% quoting the fact that they can’t demonstrate ROI.
  • 83% say that finding the time is the biggest challenge

Very interesting stuff, though I imagine it’s weighted towards to more technically savvy practitioner.

You can see the findings here.


Connectivity not creativity

John Wagner makes a very interesting point wondering is all this Web 2.0 stuff about generating content or being able to find and share content. It’s probably a mix, but user-generated content gets the headlines. Meanwhile many of us are happy with the accessibility.


Guide to Corporate Blogging

Mark van der Wolf at Lewis PR has released a guide to Corporate Blogging – via Morgan McLintic.


Editor’s Note:

I think you’ll appreciate that the headline of this post won’t be filed under “most creative blog headline of the month”. My only excuse is I’m just back from holidays and I’m doing my best! 🙂

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March 20, 2007 at 5:10 pm

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The magnificent seven on holiday…

First things first, I’m off on a much need holiday for the next week so posting will be non-existent, as well be e-mail, RSS etc. Hurrah!

We now have seven members of our social networking experiment

If you’d like to join, please do, and we’ll look at it a little more closely upon my return.

Don’t work too hard now 🙂

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March 9, 2007 at 5:21 pm

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They're playing outside again…

Almost a year ago today I wrote a post about how it felt as though I was back in my childhood, had been grounded and I could hear all the other kids having a ball, playing outside.

I’m getting the same feeling again as this year’s New Comm Forum kicks off.

Photos from the event.

Mental note to self: Do something about it!


Sometimes we forget about inventing a better mousetrap.  I was having dinner* last night and on a visit to the bathroom came face-to-face with the Dyson Airblade. Most people will be familiar with the Dyson range of vacuum cleaners.  The Airblade takes the same approach to hand drying and it’s a stunning innovation, dry hands in seconds. I know its a mundane piece of everyday hardware but it just shows how some clever thinking, engineering and design can radically change something that doesn’t work (traditional hand dryers) but we put up with anyway. It was the talk of the table 🙂

*For Dublin readers it was in Tiger Becs on Dawson Street.  I’d never seen one before but maybe that’s because I live a sheltered life.

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March 9, 2007 at 8:12 am

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Social Networking – PR Style, come on in…

I’ve always thought that while the Internet does a great job of removing the barriers of geography – and that’s a good thing – ultimately people care most about their locality.  After all, if you want movie listings or services you want them locally. If you’re looking for career advice you’ll probably want to talk to a peer. That’s the theme behind social networking.

So where are social networks going?  Are they transient (as someone once wrote “training wheels for the Internet”) or are they here to stay?

Talking with some students last week they thought that in their current guise (Myspace, Bebo etc.) they were transient.  They open and shut sites regularly – and the only “organizations” successfully reaching them on MySpace or Bebo were bars and clubs 🙂

So social networks may stay, change or disappear – or they may even become MORE niche.  That’s the idea behing Ning the latest venture from Netscape wunderkind Marc Andreeson.

At Ning you can set up your own social network…

For a test I’ve set up

[publicrelations was already taken]

Have a look.

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March 8, 2007 at 8:17 am

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Talking in Dublin…

Along with the forthcoming Delivering the New PR 2.0 event in Newcastle, I’m also planning to bore some people in Dublin to death.

I’m speaking at the Irish Internet Association‘s event: “Blogging, New Media, Business and the Law”, which takes place on March 21st in the newly refurbished Shelbourne Hotel at 6.30pm (or 18.30 if you live in mainland Europe or spent a lot of time in the army).

I’m delighted to point out that Sarah Carey, Richard Delevan and TJ McIntyre will be also speaking so it won’t all be hot air 🙂

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March 6, 2007 at 10:36 pm

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