Ireland: How is PR meeting the needs of the Tech Press?

The Technology Journalists’ Association of Ireland has released the results of a survey of their membership on how they rate the service they get from Irish PR professionals.

  • 64% believe that PR people know their clients’ products and services well or very well
  • 66% prefer dealing with local PR firms – as against firms outside the country
  • 68% believe PR people know the area(s) the journalist covers (somewhat)
  • 50% believe that review versions of software and hardware are not widely available
  • 24% follow up a press release with the PR firm (on a regular basis)
  • 92% prefer to be contacted via e-mail
  • 100% prefer pictures via e-mail [JPEG – 100% best format]


“The main problem we encounter is that a release is sent out, and then there is no one available to speak about it. This happens a lot. Sometimes when you ask a PR person to explain what a release means, they just read the release back to you. Especially when it comes to more technical matters.”


“There aren’t enough attempts to pitch ideas for stronger stories any more. Too much of the time, we are contacted by PR people simply to try and get a press release or picture plugged.”


“I’ve noticed a tendency of some companies to put senior people into the winning of a big IT client and then as soon as they’ve won the business hand it over to a junior.”

Looks like some themes are common wherever you go in the world!

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