Social Networking – PR Style, come on in…

I’ve always thought that while the Internet does a great job of removing the barriers of geography – and that’s a good thing – ultimately people care most about their locality.  After all, if you want movie listings or services you want them locally. If you’re looking for career advice you’ll probably want to talk to a peer. That’s the theme behind social networking.

So where are social networks going?  Are they transient (as someone once wrote “training wheels for the Internet”) or are they here to stay?

Talking with some students last week they thought that in their current guise (Myspace, Bebo etc.) they were transient.  They open and shut sites regularly – and the only “organizations” successfully reaching them on MySpace or Bebo were bars and clubs 🙂

So social networks may stay, change or disappear – or they may even become MORE niche.  That’s the idea behing Ning the latest venture from Netscape wunderkind Marc Andreeson.

At Ning you can set up your own social network…

For a test I’ve set up

[publicrelations was already taken]

Have a look.