They're playing outside again…

Almost a year ago today I wrote a post about how it felt as though I was back in my childhood, had been grounded and I could hear all the other kids having a ball, playing outside.

I’m getting the same feeling again as this year’s New Comm Forum kicks off.

Photos from the event.

Mental note to self: Do something about it!


Sometimes we forget about inventing a better mousetrap.  I was having dinner* last night and on a visit to the bathroom came face-to-face with the Dyson Airblade. Most people will be familiar with the Dyson range of vacuum cleaners.  The Airblade takes the same approach to hand drying and it’s a stunning innovation, dry hands in seconds. I know its a mundane piece of everyday hardware but it just shows how some clever thinking, engineering and design can radically change something that doesn’t work (traditional hand dryers) but we put up with anyway. It was the talk of the table 🙂

*For Dublin readers it was in Tiger Becs on Dawson Street.  I’d never seen one before but maybe that’s because I live a sheltered life.