Press Release 1.5.1 Alpha

You know there’s a bubble coming.

In “Interweb time” the bust was a long time ago and the frenzy of “Web 2.0” start-ups and services would seem to predicate an Internet Boom 2.0.

This is particularly obvious when you look at some of the new services.

How about a press release distribution service that offers to send your press release to bloggers.

Feel free to read that line again, it is what it says.

Now a service like that could only be set up by someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time blogging. Because believe me, after a couple of months of blog posts the PR spam e-mail will start to arrive promoting irrelevant companies and products that you have no interest in.

Why would you sign up to recieve these releases? Let me re-phrase that. Why would anyone in their right mind think that you, a blogger, would sign up for the service? Beats me.

According to themselves, The WeblogWire came about following a challenge to:
“build a viable web startup in 1 week, while spending no more than $500.”

I hope they gave the $450 they had left over to their investors.

Darren Barefoot put his $50 where his sarcasm was and posted a press release over the wire entitled:
“Marketer Intends to Write Blog Post Criticizing The WeblogWire”

The press release was duly published but was pulled soon after. He’s still waiting for news of his $50….

Come back Tom Foremski all is forgiven 🙂