Hey it's July 09, 2006…

Greetings. Busy July so far. Hence slow posting.

Doing some thinking about this blog, but more about that anon. In the meantime, here’s some interesting stuff I’ve been reading recently:

  • David Parmet illustrates why PR will always have image issues.
  • Jim Horton has a link to to an article that looks at the changes taking place in our “audience”. Meanwhile John Wagner advises you’ll need a customer plan for potential blog issues.
  • The Hobson and Holtz Report continues, podcast 152 is now online.
  • Philip Young asks what is New PR?
  • Piaras Kelly has a link to a video of a really interesting presentation from Guy Kawasaki on start-ups.
  • Stuart Bruce reports on the CIPR’s Northern Conference.
  • Brian Oberkirch is now blogging at: http://brianoberkirch.com/.
  • Derek Miller has some great resources on Presentations.
  • Congratulations to Stephen Davies on his new role at Edelman. In fairness they are walking the walk and with Stephen they’ve landed a great guy.
  • Oh an of course congratulations to the Azzuri..