Is there something rotten in the state of Dellmark or Blogmark?

Jaysus what a crowd of preening self-appointed “experts” we have spawned up here on the InterWeb.

Oh you know them….

Dell, an oft maligned target of the Web 2.0 glitterati, have kicked off a blog. Now this is excellent. The company is making an effort to get a voice out on the Internet. Is it perfect? Eh no. Is that the most important thing? No.

What’s most important is they are getting out there. What’s most important is that they are willing to have a discussion.

The reaction from the blogerrati, many of whom are jumping hysterically all over their efforts, belies the immaturity of this thing we call blogging.

Get over it folks.

Well done Dell, keep working on it. Listen to feedback, engage in conversation and learn.

Some measured commentary from Kevin Dugan, Shel Holtz and Andy Lark.

Did I miss the election where all the experts were voted in?