Shock: PR person communicates badly… call the cops

This post leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

When a respected PR practitioner, who I have acknolwedged has in many respects been leading the way in online communication (as far as the large agency set go in any respect), takes time to write a pontificating post that takes a swipe at a competitor, I think it smells bad.

Now let’s be clear, GCI were well out of order, whether “Chris” is a Summer intern or an Account Director it doesn’t matter. The comment was ridiculous and shows GCI needs to do a better job educating it’s work force. They deserve a public slapping. We’re clear on that.

However, was that one comment a big enough issue for Mr. Edelman to (shock) publish a second post in a week? Is it an issue that is likely to shake the profession to it’s core? Is it the first time this has happened on a blog? Is there any more room on the pulpit? [Mr. Edelman is not the only one from the agency taking a pop.]

Well the answer to all those questions is no.

It smacks of opportunism.

I think Mr. Edelman should keep the number of a local glazier handy just in case. Maybe he can start writing posts about the everyday “malpractice” that is inflicted on journalists, bloggers and consumers every single day. That would keep him busy.

Chris at GCI, you are a bold boy (and probably not the brightest tool in the box), but I don’t condone the opportunism.