PR Miscellany – May 17, 2005

[Note: My blog software Radio Userland is currently deleting posts for reason unknown.  As a result I’m re-posting yesterday’s PR Miscellany]

Loads going on, here’s a sample…

 IBM is the current blog meme of the week with news that they are encouraging staff members to get blogging for the good of the company. James Snell at IBM has released some common sense guidelines for employees.

 Speaking of blogs…. the folks at Topaz Partners link to a research report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project and BuzzMetrics which has found that (shock! horror!) blogs haven’t displaced traditional media. Did we really need a report to discover that? Sounds like the blog echo chamber is as strong as ever…. can someone hit that reality switch over there please…

 Philip Young and Richard Bailey both point to a new PR blog Beyond the Spin which is the online companion to the UK magazine produced by PR students.  They plan to publish each Monday and are accepting articles for consideration.

 B.L. Ochman has published an interview with Alice Marshall who writes the always interesting Presto Vivace blog.  The interview includes some solid advice on blogging and its benefits.

 Michael O’Connor Clarke releases the third in his series on the seven deadly agency types.  Today he looks at The Behemoth.

 Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson have released their latest PR podcast, the thirty third in the series.  Recommended listening as always.

 Steve Rubel points to a story in Investor’s Business Daily on the need for publishers to evolve and to use the Internet to get closer to the reader.

 Fredrik Wacka reports on an article from Compliance Solutions Advisor which looks at the risks of corporate blogging.

 Amy Gahran takes a look at defining what a blog is (and isn’t).

 Dee Rambeau highlights a story by Robert McMillan of the Washington Post on getting up and running with RSS. He rightly point out it’s not as simple as it should be.  He should recommend that readers use a simple primer on RSS!

 Stuff magazine in New Zealand commends the press kit for the new Eidos game Commandos Strike Force. Meanwhile Newsday looks at the growing PR sophistication among video game publishers.

 It’s a while since we had takeover mania in the PR business, news that Waggener Edstrom has made an acquisition in Hong Kong could be a good sign…

 Public Relations elections… can you think of anything more frightening 🙂