2005 PR Opinions Survey Results Released

The second annual PR Opinions survey report is now live.

There were 122 respondents to this year’s survey, an increase of over 100% on last year’s effort.

Some of the more interesting findings:

  • The number one trend for Public Relations is the growth in direct communication
  • According to respondents the perception of PR is getting worse and only 12% believe that the practice of PR is to a high standard
  • The number one issue that’s adversely effecting PR’s image is the behavior of rogue practitioners
  • The vast majority of the sample believe that the Internet is having a positive effect on PR and that it has improved their relationships with the media – however 43% believe that the Internet is making PR harder
  • 96% of participants believe that there are great opportunities for Public Relations moving forward.
  • 86% believe that media relations continues to be a key PR activity but 66% believe that PR is about more than media relations

The report, which includes a lot of interesting comments and observations from respondents can be viewed online here or is available as a PDF for printing and reading off-line.


As always comments and feedback are warmly welcomed.