PR Miscellany – May 13, 2005

 English PR student Stephen Davies has a new blog called PR blogger.

 Lloyd Trufelman (great last name for a PR guy!) has an excellent article in the latest issue of the PRSA newsletter PR Tactics on the challenges of the consumer generated media.

“What lies ahead Focus and research will become an increasingly important and time-consuming part of the PR process. As news communities develop, we will need to become active participants, offering views, comments and angles on both breaking news and background issues. Contributing to blogs and wikis, researching the new podcasts and aggregators, and simply keeping up with technology will become more important to PR professionals. Just as it was with traditional media, we will need to cultivate relationships with these new publishers.”


[Thanks to Eric Schwartzman for the link]

 Michael O’Connor Clarke has posted the second of his seven deadly agency types: The One Trick Pony.

 Rene Blodgett has some interesting notes from a recent event sponsored by the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association (SVAMA) on what CEOs what from marketing.

 Catherine Helzerman [blog] has kicked off a great project to create a directory of PR/Marketing/Communications blogs.  Go list yours today.

 Morgan McLintic ponders whether you should add your blog’s address to your business card.

 John Federico has a prescient cartoon from EWeek that predicts how blogs will probably get caught up in the corporate machine.

 Jean at Macketplace, a site for Macintosh publishers, looks at the best marketing tactics.