Is the CEO the right messenger?

Kevin Dugan asks the question whether CEO blogs can really contribute to better communication with your audience or are they too risky to be of value – particularly for public companies?

He argues that other public facing blogs such as product blogs or event-related blogs might be a more effective means of outreach.

It’s an interesting question.

I think for the majority of organizations, ‘CEO blogs’ are probably out of reach.

Many CEO’s are simply too busy or have legal concerns.  However, there are probably opportunities for executive blogs.  For example Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz has been creating a lot of noise and controversy around his blog.

As with most things it’s a question for each organization. Some like Macromedia will have a network of bloggers, some will focus on one product or industry specific blog and some will force the poor executive into online writing.

Whatever the format and whoever the author(s), blogs do offer the ability to build conversations.

How you put your blog(s) together depends on your own organization and your objectives.