PR and Wikis…

You certainly can’t criticize PR Week for not covering new emerging technologies. 

They’ve widely covered blogs and RSS in both the US and UK editions and Keith O’Brien has just written a piece on Wikis.

The flux of new technologies entering the market is enough to give the average PR pro a migraine. Just when one understands blogs, early adopter colleagues point out real simple syndication (RSS). Now water-cooler talk revolves around wikis, which can provide PR firms with internal communications enhancements; make writing press releases and communiques more of a team effort; and provide new opportunities for soft launches, tipping off journalists, and communicating with clients.

PR blogger and Global PR Blog Week co-founder Constantin Basturea is quoted in the story:

Constantin Basturea, PR blogger curator of The New PR wiki,, says deploying wikis now can give firms a competitive edge. “A wiki is putting everyone on the same page, literally, and it allows people ‘to share’ the wiki’s space, plans, documents, ideas, comments, which is, in fact, the meaning of ‘communication,'” Basturea says via e-mail. His wiki is geared toward new media edification for his PR comrades.