The PR bunny, the journalist and the PR agency boss..

I am fairly old fashioned, don’t let the blog fool you.

I believe that as a PR person your job is to build relationships, offer sound advice and communicate effectively. I believe that as a human being you should treat people as you’d like to be treated.

Now when I’m at PR social events, I always find ‘people watching’ incredibly interesting. You see the amazing variety of people who participate in Public Relations. It is truly a profession that celebrates diverse personalities – which is one of its strengths in my very humble opinion.

But some things never fail to amaze me.  Take the incident at the UK’s PR Week awards where the head of a Tech PR Agency  proceeded to insult a participant’s dress sense in front of his agency folks only to discover the target was in fact a journalist for ZDNET.

Can someone tell me, what this guy was thinking? I’d really like to know.

[Via Stuart Bruce]


It’s very strange. I have managed to access SpinBunny via Bloglines but not through the usual URL. Very odd.


  • A new satirical PR blog, SpinBunny, has emerged in the UK. However while it’s increasingly being written about, I can’t seem to access the website.  Is anyone else having problems with it? Have I been banned? I am confused. Is that link working?
  • Matthew Podboy’s post on the importance of not burning your bridges is well timed…