PR Misc – November 1, 2004

 Just in time for Halloween, Mike Manuel provides his ten scariest PR questions..

5). Colleague: wait, you pitched an exclusive, too?

 Two new (to me anyway) PR-related blogs from the fountain of all blog knowledge, namely Steve Rubel!

David Krane PR director at Google and Andy Lark, VP Global Communications and Marketing at Sun both are live and blogging.

 Alice Marshall’s company has been a victim of phishing – effectively spammers’ hijacking your e-mail address to send viruses and advertising. This is a growing problem, I get a couple of e-mails a month from people who think I either have a virus/worm or I am actually sending them this junk. The reality is that I don’t have viruses or worms and I’m certainly not sending them viagra offers. One of the drawbacks of Internet e-mail is that you can send e-mail from anyone’s address.  That’s what phising does… and as far as I know there is no answer.

 Colin McKay has found an interesting article that takes a balanced view on the potential of blogs in the pharmaceutical industry.

As a medium for pharma marketers, blogging’s potential may be limited. Done badly, it can compromise your broader communications objectives, but in the right hands and for the right targeted brand, blogging can be useful.

 Robb Hecht provides some pointers on how you can turn your blog in a media monilith… should that be your desire.