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Blogs killed radio, TV, magazines, cars, telephones….

These days it’s nice when a posting on a blog makes me smile.

Shanti Bradford has done just that. Commenting on the propensity of certain bloggers to make sweeping generalizations on the impact of blogs, with no research, no proof points, no knowledge, Shanti is declaring that:

Let’s just get it clear right now. I’ll say it first.

Everything Is Dead.

Everything. Is. Dead.

Blogging killed it all. Blogging is the mass murderer of branding, advertising, corporate image, corporate communication, corporate ideology, mission statements, public relation, press releases, marketing, blah blah etc etc.

Hurrah! Blogs, smlogs. 

Let’s add some reality to this subject, please.



Thanks to Constantin for the link and the nice birthday wishes (though it was October 20!)

Written by Tom Murphy

October 22, 2004 at 9:42 am

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