Rewarding "good" blog relations…

Although the subject matter�which reinforces some less attractive sterotypes about our business�may not be to everyone’s taste, a new book is now available with a PR/Spin Doctor/Flack type individual as the central hero (anti-hero).

The storyline of “Slick” concerns our hero’s [A rising star in the world of public relations, Scott is a master at manipulating the news, especially when the news isn’t good for his clients. To journalists, he’s the dark prince of deception. To others, he’s merely the product of an amoral corporate culture. Not that their opinions matter to Scott, who shelved his ego years ago. It’s the only way to stay sane in a business that gets crazier by the day.] efforts at saving an actress’ reputation.

Why am I promoting the book here? Well it is PR-related�for better or worse�and its author Daniel Price did a nice PR pitch on me (and I’m sure many of the other PR bloggers).

Why was it good?

  • It was personalized
  • It was humourous
  • It was very honest
  • It was creative

So if we’re going to complain about bad blog pitches we should praise the good ones.  Well done Daniel and best of luch with the pitch. The book sounds like a perfect present for Lizzie.

Here is a link to the opening pages of the novel.