PR, blogs and death…

I have to admit that I am in two minds about this post.

Let me explain.

Roland Tanglao has posted an outline of his presentation to communications agency Reputations.

It’s a very good introduction to blogging with lots of resources. My problem is with the presentation’s title:

PR is dead & Blogging Killed it

You see, the presentation outline doesn’t map to that theme at all. There’s no explanation or demonstration as to why or how blogging is “killing” PR.  The closest is this quote:

“Provocative and perhaps hyperbole and not going to happen overnight but “don’t overestimate the impact of blogging in the short term and underestimate it in the long term”

You see this kind of hype is damaging for blogs. 

Blogs are simply a tool.  That’s it folks. A tool. 

That’s not to say that blogs are not important.  They are.  Blogs help to build conversations and promote new types of communication.  This is all good.  But to say blogs will kill, damage, hurt or blow rasberries at PR is just rubbish.

Blogs will sit alongside a whole host of traditional and emerging marketing practices from newsletter sponsorship to media tours to advertising and search optimization.

PR has challenges in understanding the emerging new forms of communication, but don’t be distracted by the hyperbole. Focus on understanding how these new tools can help your clients. The rest will follow.