PR Misc August 30, 2004

 Kevin Dugan takes Forbes to task on their ignorance of RSS.

 Jeremy Pepper writes in favor of Blogservations and fair play to him.

 Steve Rubel shares the results of a PR Week online poll covering the topic of whether you should allow comments on a corporate blog. [30% allow them, 16% keep relevant comments, 14% review all comments, Require e-mail from posters 33% and Don’t allow comments 5%]

 Neville Hobson is a big fan of Ned Lundquist’s JOTW which was recently features in the WSJ. You can sign up for JOTW here.

 Mike Manuel has a tabular comparison of blogs and message boards.

 Shel Holtz tackles the thorny subject of employee communications: “I would suggest that the internal communications profession needs to take a hard look at itself and figure out how to turn this situation around, lest management find someone else who can produce the results they need.”

  The Toronto Free Press questions PR firms’ involvement in some recent political events.  It claims that PR firms have been involved in some questionable practices *which* if true are outrageous.  However, the article itself has little or no facts and the only involvement of the accused firms is a third party quote pulled from a French magazine.  It’s hardly balanced, factual journalism…