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Some thoughts on Business Blogging…

John Porcaro is a marketing manager at Microsoft who blogs. I’ve mentioned him before here (see my blogroll on the right hand side).  John has an interesting post querying the effect of blogging on business.

“Blogs offer a way to start a conversation. I�m amazed at how much more involved I am in customer issues from the hour or two a day I spend blogging.”

There are also some interesting comments at the end of the post:

“They (blogs) keep our staff, customers and users informed about the latest and greatest developments in our products… they allow developers to quickly highlight specific functionality….they close sales.”

Now I think of blogs as a tool, not a religion but it’s interesting that more businesses are thinking through the potential knowledge management and collaboration applications of blogs which in many ways provide a more flexible means of communication and management inside and outsite a firm.

We already use blogs internally for projects and discussions as well as externally for our customers and partners. It works and we know people read and reference them – because they tell us.

That’s a powerful communications tool at a very competitive cost.

Additional Reading:

 Computerworld looks at Business Blogging.

 Microsoft uber-blogger Robert Scoble gives some insights on how Microsoft’s marketing folks are realizing the potential: “Teams are now calling on me to help them out with marketing. Now that I’m getting a traffic flow, and that blogging is getting more and more visibility, teams are asking me for help in learning the new world. Not to mention that I’m getting invited to speak at industry conferences like Demo.”

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January 29, 2004 at 12:51 pm

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