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In my professional capacity I get between five and ten e-mail pitches from PR agencies interested in presenting their credentials in any given week.

Given that I was once that soldier, I deal with such enquiries in an sympathetic manner, the truth is that we may look to outsource some of our PR function in the future so it’s useful to talk.

However, one bugbear I have with some of these pitches is the empty promise syndrome.

With little or no knowledge of my business, many of these pitch e-mails promise business coverage, national coverage etc.

Now working in the business for as long as I have, one of the key tenets is “take nothing for granted” or as the late Fred Hoar remarked “advertising is pay for play, while public relations is pray for play”. 

You can’t promise your employer, client or family coverage in top outlets. That’s not how this business works – I wish it was!

Any type of coverage whether it’s trade, business, radio or television is dependant on a whole range of factors inside and outside your control. Of course a good PR professional can make the difference between coverage and anonymity, but nothing can guarantee those inches.

You can promote your expertise, illustrate your past successes with clients, demonstrate how much you want the business, but promising results?

That’s an empty promise.

Written by Tom Murphy

January 29, 2004 at 9:04 am

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