Internet Marketing: Then and Now

Dan Gillmor one of the most popular blogging journalists on the web (3.5 million visits during 2003!) points to an interesting article from Doc Searls on Internet Marketing.

“Through the Internet, however, consumers can do more than just consume. They can participate in marketing communications. This can allow marketing communications to evolve from a peripheral activity to a primary function — one with close ties to sales, customer service, marketing, R&D, operations and just about every other activity that stands to benefit from customer participation.”

It’s an interesting view and an interesting piece – particularly given it was written in January 1995! It’s weathered well.

Dan also points to a story in Washington Post on how Wall-Mart is trying to soften its public image by putting the sales messages in the background.

“Wal-Mart’s surveys showed consumers mistrusted the company’s labor practices and its impact on the community. Shortly after the ad began airing in late September, Wal-Mart suffered another blow when federal agents raided its stores around the country and arrested about 200 undocumented immigrants working on cleaning crews.”