It's oh so quiet….

Well the Christmas Season is upon us and wow is it quiet.

There’s very little going on out there and I myself am signing off for the Yuletide today (at least until Monday).

But in case you’re stuck in the office here’s a few morsels to keep you going….

Network World looks at RSS (c’mon it’s been aaaages since I wrote about RSS) as a cheap media monitoring tool.

Now I don’t want to get into the minutiae of this story, I mean you get what you spend for and RSS isn’t going to solve your media monitoring needs for the simple fact that you have to manually subscribe to feeds – and more importantly the majority of outlets still don’t provide them, however, it’s a really interesting application. RSS is one to look out for in 2004 – but I guess I would say that.

 Following on from The Age’s piece on PRSlate has weighed in on the debate on the role of Public Relations in the drug industry. Kick the dog.

Well that’s it until the full excesses of the Season have been sampled and enjoyed. I’ll be back before the New Year and I guess like any opinionated blogger I’ll have to come up with some predictions….