The role of objectivity in Public Relations

Jim Horton (owner of Online-PR) continues to impress me with his weblog – it’s a triumph of content over form – it’s honest and objective and unlike charlatans like me, Jim actually writes about his opinions and trials and tribulations on a daily basis, he doesn’t just crop links.

Last week, Jim carried a series of observations regarding Objectivity and Public Relations and it’s well worth a read.  Interestingly one of his readers doesn’t agree with him.  Read it here.

“We can make great strides in building bridges to the media when we are honest with them and take the time to explain our positions objectively.  But it only takes a few jerks in PR to make it bad for all of us.  Pair that with poor training, and there is embarrassing  failure on the part of PR practitioners to practice the relations part of PR.  We’re too busy selling and spinning.”