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I thought that since I haven’t been trawling the Internet for PR stuff in over a week there would be a wealth of news, views and links.  But it seems the Summer season is in motion and things are very quiet out there.

One interesting story I did come across was an opinion article in the Boston Globe written by PR practitioner Gene Denterlein of PR firm Denterlein Worldwide. The story looks at the implications of the recent court ruling that found there was a “client privelege” between PR practitioners and their clients.

While reading the article I thought one particular quote succinctly sums up why PR has a greater role to play in today’s complex and noisy media environment:

“In a society saturated by TV, radio, the Internet, and e-mail messages, no one, including the very real human beings who interpret and apply the law, can possibly block out the loud shouts vying to shape public debate.”

Written by Tom Murphy

July 28, 2003 at 8:19 am

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