Blog stuff…

Before I disappeared for a week I mentioned a discussion taking place on the Adventive (now part of Up2Speed) I-PR mailing list on PR and blogging. As you’d expect I contributed my two cents on why blogging is important.  However, I was interested to read upon my return that a number of PR people think blogs are a fad and how they are busy enough already without worrying about something that will be gone in a year.

I have two comments on these views. As far as I am concerned, as a PR practitioner, it is my duty to understand and use all the tools available to me to promote my client. Ignoring potential opportunities is not a good reflection on our provision of a professional service.  Secondly, when a new magazine emerges, do we all sit back and wait to see if it survives into next year before targeting it?  I don’t think so. Blogging is simply a new application on an existing media (Internet).

Others blog-related news…

 Karlin Lillington has posted research from Blogcount that estimated there are over 3.4 million weblogs of which 1.6 million are live (i.e. updated regularly) – These statistics ignore some popular blogs such as those hosted on Radio and Moveable Type – but it’s interesting!

 Congratulations to Kevin Dugan whose PR weblog just had it’s first birthday!

 Michael O’Connor Clarke has moved his weblog to a new dedicated domain check it out.