PR: I like this…

I got an e-mail from Anna Tabakh from 5WPR on behalf of Predicto.

Often PR people cross the line when they’re trying to quickly take advantage of an event – think companies who have jumped on natural disasters etc. but I like this stunt.

You’ve probably heard of Dena Christoffersen, a 13 year old who ran up a $5,000 texting bill by sending 20,000 messages in a month.

Predicto are stepping in to pay the bill with one condition:

In exchange, Predicto Mobile has requested that Dena write a 1,000 word essay on “smart texting,” offering fellow teen text enthusiasts insight into what she learned from the experience and how her habits might change moving forward.  The essay will be posted on the Predicto Mobile’s blog as a way for parents and texters to learn from the costly error. 

I don’t know much about the company or their services.  At my age I’m wary of any mobile service, but I like this.