Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media

Great turn out at the event in Manchester.

I did my usual grumpy view of social media 🙂 and was followed by Marshall Manson from Edelman who gave a great overview of the changes ahead.

I loved his description of walking into a party and starting off talking to a stranger by saying “For immedia release…” (That’s a PR-Social Media gag folks).

Marshall was followed by Simon Wakeman.

Simon had a really interesting talk about the adoption of social media in local government, the challenges and the opportunities.

They surveyed 82 communicators across 61 local authorities:

  • Nearly 50% of local authorities in the UK are using blogs!
  • Over one third are using podcasts
  • Social networks, Wikis and Video are being used by 20%
  • Over 55% of councils have used social networks while 42% have no plans and the balance are not aware of them.

Simon’s authority have launched Mixit – a mixture of blogs and podcasts aimed at younger people.

  • The objective was to create two way communication and get young people involved.  The young people are actively involved in producing the podcasts
  • The secondary objective was to help Medway learn about podcasting as a communications tool
  • Originally set up as a six month project. Operating cost was GBP200 but the people cost was a lot more expensive with 14-15 hours involved in planning and producing each episode.
  • 300-400 people have downloaded the content