Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media #2

At the beginning of every social media conference, there’s normally a quick audience poll to see the usage of social media among the attendees.  Typically the audience numbers are high on things like social networks or reading blogs and then the numbers dwindle on more “niche” tools.  This morning the opposite was true.  Nearly all the attendees are using Twitter! Wow. (Even for a cynic like me that’s incredible).

Great presentation by Meg Pickard on how view the world of social media.  They post about 1,000 online items per day….

Graham Goodkind from Frank PR did a very interesting talk on consumer social media.  His point on brands on FaceBook caught my imagination.

Where major corporate brands may garner 20,000 members on Facebook this is dwarfed by user generated groups.

For example:

I don’t care how comfortable Crocs are, you look like a dumbass: 1,221,128 members


(UK TV Presenter) Jeremy Clarkson should be Prime Minister: 428,956 members