Planes, blogs, students and radios..

Shel Hotz ponders whether you’re better off with an “official” blogger or just have staff with blogs.  Guess what? It depends… I agree, in fact it’s probably best to have both!


Meanwhile his FIR colleague, Mr. Hobson blogs on research that finds podcasts are boosting radio audiences.  Makes a lot of sense, and that’s some good evidence that new media AND old media can get along in harmony with no one dying. Imagine that.


Jessica Lawlor sent me an e-mail an embarrassingly long time ago about a blog herself an fellow students set up as part of their activities building a student-run agency. What a fantastic idea! I wish I had that initiative in college!


Also I got a great mail from Termeh Mazhari who works with AMP3 PR in New York and has launched a blog to get the conversation going. The more the merrier!


Hans Kullin is surprised that Ryanair is trying to “spin” CEO Michael O’Leary’s “beds and blowjobs” comment at a recent press conference in Germany “in a positive way”. Ryanair are a fascinating case study on PR execution.  Like them or not, they are smart and creative.. and yes very edgy.  However, even at the height of a given negative media onslaught in Ireland, it never seemed to have had an adverse impact on sales – and they are pretty smart in capitalising on relevant news trends. The only theory that I can offer is that consumers perceive their service to be such good value that it offsets any negative media impact – and in fact the controversies probably help to drive awareness that is in keeping with the brand :-).  They are a company that has mastered the art of managing customer expectations.