A place to put your digital stuff

So, you’re now officially digital.

Fantastic. Well done.

You now have your photos in Flickr, well most of them, you have your music online and oh offline, you have your documents on that external hard drive and on eh… SkyDrive… is it?

The reality is that you have digital content all over the Interweb, and all over your house, your hard drive, your devices and your desktop.  If you’re like me it’s probably growing faster than a fixed interest rate.

So how do you manage it?  Probably with great difficulty or worse…not at all.

This is where Joe Drumgoole‘s new company PutPlace comes to the rescue.

It’s a smart digital content management service. 

It tracks your content: where it lives, what it is, what the most recent version is, and ensures that if the worst comes to the worst (and you know it will!) you’ll still have your memories, content and music.

Joe is a friend and former colleague, and they’ve been working on the service for quite a while, why not give it a try, you only have peace of mind at stake!

They’ve just opened up the beta programme, you can sign up here.


Joe: Feature request, any chance you could create something similar for Web 2.0 services and log-ins? And if anyone says FriendFeed you’re in deep trouble…