Shocker: RSS the source of back problems!

I have a sore back.

After some consideration of the matter, I believe that the only possible cause of the soreness is my trusty RSS Reader FeedDemon.

Now, it’s not FeedDemon’s fault, but the number of times, in any given review of RSS feeds, I have to bend over and pick names off the floor is escalating beyond belief.

I am considering various antidotes to the queasy, nausea I feel reading these blog posts, some medicinal and some physical.

I hope that when I’m rich and famous I don’t start boring people to death with intros like:

"I had breakfast with the man from the moon about sixteen weeks ago…"


By all means bore us to death with your post – god knows I do it all the time – but stop the name dropping and get to the point.



Just to clarify this post isn’t about blogging about people you meet. No.  This concerns framing a post as though the VIP (whatever) in question is central to the post when in fact it’s name dropping. These writers are typically too "cool" to write: "Wow I met X, I’ve always admired her and it’s true they look taller on TV". The name dropper is far too sophisticated for that.  The drop actually adds nothing to the post.  It’s for effect, whatever. That’s what this post is about.