Ireland: Online media shorts…

The Irish Times….

One of the Irish Times’ triumvirate of journalist bloggers, Shane Hegarty has announced he’s putting his “Present Tense” blog on ice for a while. (Interesting (to me anyway) there are over 70 comments on the post so far..). Then there were (as far as I know) two active official Irish Times blogs:

  1. Conor Pope’s PriceWatch blog
  2. Jim Carroll’s On the Record blog

[Other Irish Times related blogs: John Collins, Karlin Lillington, John Butler]


Newstalk 106….

In Irish Times (kind of) related news, Karlin Lillington has decided to step down from the Technology slot on Newstalk 106 but will be focusing her energies on a new podcast series. [I assume Mr. Joe Drumgoole is remaining in situ.]


Sunday Business Post

I didn’t know Nadine O’Regan from the Sunday Business Post had a blog.

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So what other ones am I missing?

In the spirit of Irish blog-operation… do please feel free to add any more local media blogs 🙂


Cian GInty passed along a useful list he pulled together here.