Social media or smeedia as I call it…

There’s loads of content being published on the Interweb around all this social media stuff.  Here’s a selection of some posts I’ve read or ferreted away for future review….

In the real world… Misukanis & Odden’s Media Relations blog has 11 tips for pitching reporters – for the younger readers: reporters are also sometimes called “journalists”, some have blogs, but remember, some don’t. Oh and they still exist in the real world!


Darren Barefoot points to an interesting talk by Clay Shirky.


I see the good folks at Don’t Panic have an event on Social Media coming up in London on May 23rd.


Interesting post by Heather Yaxley regarding an interview with Markus Pirchner entitled: “The Semantic Web – not of Public Relations’ business”. [I haven’t had a chance to read the interview but I will in the next day or so – hey this is a blog not a newspaper 🙂 ]


Brian Solis on “Distributed conversations and fragmented attention”


I like Kevin Dugan’s cartoon on Web 2.0 and mainstream media.


Lauren Vargas calls time on the most recent “blogodrama”:

Enough already?! Do you not realize I am trying to teach students and corporations about social media and all they see at first glance is children taking petty shots at each other?

Too right, there are far too many “pioneers”, “experts” and drama queens pitching their typing as “best in class” or visionary.


Eric writes in a similar vein on another “incident”.


And finally, Scott Goodson has published a whitepaper on “social media”.