Press Release Tips

Now before anyone goes and chokes on their panini – just a quick reality check – press releases still matter.

Yes there are many poor press releases, but they still present information in a standard, recognizable format and while there are clearly benefits to using the social media release, in reality the press release is still the #1 tool for news dissemination.

Sally Whittle provide five reasons why she deletes your press releases…

Lately, it seems like I’ve been added to a number of new PR agency press release distribution lists – I’d guess the average  number of emails I receive per day has doubled in the last six weeks or so. And sadly, the increase is down to press releases rather than offers of lovely press trips or fat commissions.

Looking at press releases, I can’t help but think that something has to change. We may not be ready for the new-fangled social media release just yet, but the press release as it is today? Really sucks. So I looked at the releases in my deleted folder and worked out why they had been so swiftly jettisoned.

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Andrew Bruce Smith also shares some opinions on the matter.