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My name is Tom Murphy and I live and work in Dublin, Ireland where I look after PR and Corporate Social Responsibility for Microsoft Ireland. I’ve been working in PR around Europe and North America for the past fifteen years or so.

You may notice a category on the blog called “He would say that” – anything that falls in that category may cover a Microsoft product or service – that’s my formal disclosure category!

I’m married to the long-suffering Sorcha and we have the world’s best son, Cillian.  When I’m not working or spending time with the family you can find me out in the garden cleaning up after a Golden Retriever that sometimes answers to the name: Holly.

If you want to get in contact:

E-mail: tpemurphy -AT- hotmail.com

Mobile: +353-87-121-55-56

MSN IM: tpemurphy -AT- hotmail.com