RSS catch up… very miscellaneous

I’ve been trying to catch up on loads of orphaned RSS feeds and stuff I filed to read later and most of it I’ve just deleted but some things I did enjoy…

  • You can’t beat common sense.  It’s a commodity often in short supply, but I really like this video post from Shel Holtz on how to blog in a regulated environment.


  • One of the downsides of tardy RSS management is that often you miss little gems.  Kami points to a blog called NakedPR by Jennifer Mattern which takes a pretty… how do I put this.. pragmatic look at PR and especially online PR. There’s some really interesting opinions but unfortunately it looks like Jennifer is calling it a day. [On the plus side Bill Sledzik looks worth a read]


  • Marshall Kirkpatrick’s post on identifying the top blogs in a niche is also worth a read, it’s the first question people have.  "How do I find these people?" Of course I also recommend that people get off their backside and go talk to their audience….


  • If like me you’re struggling with your day job and haven’t quite got around to mobilizing social networking for your campaign yet, then Todd Defren’s post on Social Networking is recommended. It’ll definitely get you thinking.