Twitter this… Good content is worth the time.

I have an issue.  That issue is time.

Like you I’m busy.

This week I’ve been thinking about the hassles of keeping up with all this online stuff.  Even with the wonders of RSS…

Then I made my fatal error… I decided that after deriding Twitter for a year I’d start to delve a little deeper. [Apologies to Paull, Susan, Kevin and Alice who replied to my random Twitters (I can’t use the Twe*t word… I must feign cool uncoolnees) I didn’t discover that they had replied via Twitter until Monday – some 286 days after they hit the return key. Sorry about that.

I’ll write about my Twitter experience at a later date – it’s an experiment in progress.

Anyway, that was a rather rambling introduction to say that I just spent a very enjoyable thirty minutes watching a good old grumpy discussion among journalists about the changes taking place around us.  `image

I mean this in the nicest possible way. I’m grumpy. I like being grumpy.

It was a recent edition John C. Dvorak’s videocast "CrankyGeeks" and includes  John Markoff and Gregg Zachary from the New York Times and Sebastian Rupley from PC Magazine. [Thanks to Mr. Holtz

It’s excellent, interesting and intelligent – even if there are glimpses of naïveté (if you’ve worked in PR for more than 4-5 weeks you’ll spot it) – I don’t necessarily agree with all their views, but what did hit home was that as time is fast becoming your most valuable asset, you’ll invest it where you’ll get a return.

Not a bad (if obvious) thing to remember as a communicator.

Anyhow, watch it. It’s good.