Waking up to find your career is gone…

I’ve been a little busy recently, which has meant that poor FeedDemon is bursting at the seams [and causing me "Unread RSS-feed stress disorder" or UNRED].

However, far more distressing than unread RSS feeds, it appears that in the couple of weeks I have been less than attentive to the blogosphere, my career has disappeared.

Apparently PR is dead or dying.


Hold on… something about that theme is familiar. 

Oh yes, now I know. People have been saying it over and over and over again for years and years and years. [Here’s a post from three years ago.]

You know what though?

To everyone’s disgust, we’re still here.

Hello world. 

I work in Public Relations and myself and my colleagues aren’t dead.  In fact I don’t think we’re even feeling unwell.

I think I will write a press release, print it off, put it in an envelope and send it by post.  Then to round off the day I’ll go and talk to someone in person. I am so old-worlde…

New meme

I’ve tried to avoid the dead word but it simply won’t die, so in the interest of going with the flow, my new meme is:

"Bloggers talking off the top of their heads are Dead"

Unfortunately life is never that simple (or enjoyable) but one must fight fire with fire.

Anyhow hopefully I’ll have a job until Christmas, but if the bloggers are right it’ll be touch and go. [Apologies to my family in advance]

Some links to "PR is Dead" meme:


My favourite:


Now that’s the Christmas spirit….

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